Nice of them to say so.

People seem to enjoy The Unbreakable Rules of Marketing. Read what some of them have been writing.​

A great book for artists

Finally, there's a book for the artists of the world, the creatives, the gifted misfits, and the introverts. I have shelves of half-read business books that expound business techniques that really have no application to the creative world. This book is different. It's like having a conversation over coffee with another creative - someone funny, smart - someone who wears her business heart on her sleeve. For the first time, I can actually understand these ideas. I feel 100% comfortable recommending this book to all my creative friends.

-Slash Coleman

Everything is marketing

I suggest this book is even more important for those of us who do not work in marketing. A fascinating and humorous revelation about how marketing permeates every human (and non-human) interaction. Understanding the 9 ½ rules can help us get people to love us more - family, friends, lovers, employers, prospective employers, customers...understand and tweak our personal and company brands, and thereby give us much more control of our own destinies. This is extremely relevant to young people and more engaging for them because it is "hip" and funny, and the examples used to illustrate the rules come from some of their favorite (and despised) brands and relate to their lives.

-Patrick Eckford

Smart, insightful, and very funny

There are thousands of books about marketing on Amazon. If I could only recommend one, it would be this one. Because no matter what kind of marketing you're interested in, no matter what kind of product or service you want to market, and no matter how much experience you have, the rules of this book will apply. It's also a really fun read! Take it to your Marketing 101 class and read it while you're pretending to read your textbook. You'll learn more, remember more, and definitely enjoy it more.

-S Colombatto