We're all marketing all the time.

Whether we’re trying to sell a product, get a job, increase the share price of our company, convince our kids to eat their vegetables, get votes, or just get a date, we’re marketing. It isn’t just something they do on the 17th floor of corporate headquarters. We’re a marketing species. Even if you don’t have a marketing department, or a 17th floor, you’re still marketing. It never stops.


But where to begin? The technicalities and tactics of marketing have become so intricate, expensive, and confusing that most people, even marketing pros, are befuddled by them. And what’s been forgotten in recent years are some pretty basic principles.


That’s where this book, The Unbreakable Rules of Marketing: 9½ Ways to Get People to Love You, comes in. It lays out nine fundamental rules that all marketing should obey, regardless of the medium, the industry, or the audience. They’re surprisingly simple and easy-to-remember rules, too, regardless of how much media and technology changes. And they’re timeless.

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