All marketing is about getting people to love you.

That's what it comes down to, doesn't it? The love. Well, that's what this book is about, 9½ ways to get that love-for your company, for your products, your ideas, your dog, and, ultimately, for yourself.

Before you can market anything, you need to know the rules.

You wouldn't start to play rugby without knowing the rules, so why would you start marketing? Put down that new website design, that logo project, that new social media campaign, and learn these fundamental laws of all marketing first. Strategy first, then tactics.

Is this book for me?

Are you a carbon-based lifeform? " If you answered "Yes," then yes, this book is for you. ​Everything you do in life, from selling a product to getting a job, from raising your kids to winning votes, from getting people to do what you want them to do to getting them to stop doing what you don't want them to do--is all marketing. We're marketing animals. In fact, we're going out on a limb here and and say that none of us can get through a day without marketing to someone about something.

Where in the World is My Book?


The book is showing up with people in the most unusual places around the world.
Click images to see where. And send us your own picture of yourself with the book.

Pat at Mt St Helens, Washington.jpg
Patrick Eckford at USAID conference in Kyrghystan.jpg
Book in Kyrghystan.jpg
Anara in Osh Kyrghistan_edited.jpg
Zamira in Bishkek Kyrghistan_edited.jpg
David at EPCOT
Chris in Sydney, Australia
Ben, Sisters Peaks, Oregon
Ellen, Mickey, & Walt, Disneyland